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Anqing Sanwei Electrical Co.,Ltd.
Tel :0556-5228800
Fax :0556-5228900
Website: www.omaajm.live
E-mail: [email protected]
Zip Code: 246005
Shanghai Office
Contact: package Zhi Gao
Tel :086-021-56325649
Beijing Office
Contact: Jiang Jia Wei
Tel :086-010-51875778     
Dalian Office
Contact:Pei wang
Tel :086-0411-84492469


  Taking an overview of successful enterprises, the quality of their lives, and innovation is their soul, the market is the final value of corporate bonds, there is no permanent and backward equipment, there is no salable products. How to face the fierce market competition, will become the production and operation of enterprises in each of us need to study the subject!

  Anqing 3D Electric Co., Ltd. in the fierce market competition, to achieve steady development, rely on a market-oriented, quality of life, to rely on technological innovation. The entire three-dimensional people will continue to promote the "people-oriented, quality first, integrity management, quality service" business purposes, to high-quality products and services in the market, serve the society.

  Company beautiful environment, production conditions, good, strong technical force and great market potential, and we sincerely welcome domestic and foreign merchants Bei clinical guide!

Copyright:Anqing Sanwei Electrical Co.,Ltd.     Address:No.8 Inner Ring West Road, 3rd Phase of Anqing Economic and Technological Zone, Anhui, China.   皖ICP備05002263號
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