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Anqing Sanwei Electrical Co.,Ltd.
Tel :0556-5228800
Fax :0556-5228900
Website: www.omaajm.live
E-mail: [email protected]
Zip Code: 246005
Shanghai Office
Contact: package Zhi Gao
Tel :086-021-56325649
Beijing Office
Contact: Jiang Jia Wei
Tel :086-010-51875778     
Dalian Office
Contact:Pei wang
Tel :086-0411-84492469

product: The ship uses refrigerator
product information:
Copyright:Anqing Sanwei Electrical Co.,Ltd.     Address:No.8 Inner Ring West Road, 3rd Phase of Anqing Economic and Technological Zone, Anhui, China.   皖ICP備05002263號
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